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Main Depot
Personal Cargo
Local Airfield


Shipping & Freight Forwarding Main Depot

Here is a photo tour of the main depot in Essex. Click on each of the photos for a larger version.

Outside The Depot

The main depot is an ex-aircraft hangar located inside the perimeter of the North Weald Aerodrome and is managed by Lightwood plc.

Depot from 1 km Depot from 200 m
Depot entrance  

Inside The Depot

The depot building, once an aircraft hangar, allows us to hold an extremely large quantity of freight both securely and protected from the outside weather.

Depot entrance just inside Middle of depot

Loading & Unloading Freight

The depot staff are fast, well trained & very experienced at loading and unloading freight.

They are highly skilled at maximising the depot storage space and extremely efficient at moving freight into and out of storage.

Unloading outside Loading outside
Lifting a palette Fork lift truck inside

Packaging Freight

Packaging is critical for the safe transportation of our freight. The photo on the right shows an example of alternative packaging.

Although it is both cheaper and lighter, it will afford little protection to the goods held within and can not be safely stacked more have two high, thus restricting loading operations and efficient use of cargo space.

The photo on the right shows how our large wooden crates can be easily stacked allowing freight to be efficiently and safely handled.

Cheap packaging
Packaging work bench

Inside the depot, we have materials and work space for constructing the large, strong, and stackable wooden crates that you can see in the other photos.

We also have stillages for the handling of loose freight such as shown left.

Packing materials Cutting work bench